Crafting innovation to elegant software applications.

We know data and we know people.

This blend allows us to turn ideas and wireframes into smarter workflows and beautifully coded UI designs that shine.


We achieve new and better results.

The Discovery & Design team includes experienced business analysts, user interface and workflow designers, developers who gather requirements by designing potential solutions and check design and process assumptions through prototyping and, significantly, the client.


This nexus of design and software engineering is our sweet spot.

In the hands of a Design Implementation & Development team that includes the client, design solutions are translated into elegant combinations of architecture, workflow, data, visualization and analytics that move the work from concept to concrete, technical specifications.


Red Cedar brings life to the design.

Red Cedar promotes teamwork, collaboration and process adaptability while emphasizing working software as the primary measure of progress throughout the lifecycle of the project. Our agile practice enables rapid and flexible responses to changing needs; encouraging adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and delivery with an iterative approach.


The process of discovering, designing and crafting is an experience that leaves our clients “ready for more.”

It is often the case that deploying a software application is just the first phase in a long-term relationship. In a manner analogous to what occurs during the initial discovery, design and development of software, Red Cedar is often asked to monitor usage, support internal and external users, maintain the code base and continue to iterate software as new needs are discovered.

Data Visualization

We sort out your data, visually.

Our team specializes in sifting through this data to find meaningful metrics that can be used to improve practices. Our data visualization techniques allow clients to quickly get a clear picture of their performance and understand where they need to improve.


Workflow Creation

We think in workflows.

By understanding any project as a process where work move in a mostly linear path through different stages, we can create a visualization to track who needs to do work and when. Workflows give people the ability to analyze, discover, and implement optimal processes to support specific outcomes. Our team has experience discovering clients’ processes and creating an ideal workflow that will lead to clarity of goals and better results.