We know data and we know people. This blend allows us to turn ideas and wireframes into smarter workflows and beautifully coded UI designs that shine.

Our foundation and solutions framework is built on our rich understanding of data and the ability to turn data into useful information. Not only do our technology experts maintain large, powerful databases, but our information architects work with our subject matter experts to make sure that the data we collect can be harvested, analyzed, and presented to users in ways that change the way people work for the better.

Have a concept or idea that needs to be transformed and deployed? Our in-house, on-site development teams and subject matter experts are ready to craft an innovative and elegant software solution to your challenge.

Skills and Artistry

Conventional wisdom around software development says that 65% of the features in an application are rarely or never used. We believe this represents the abject failure of solution providers to understand how their products will be used “in the wild.” To achieve new and better results, organizations engage Red Cedar to employ novel means of evaluating their customer’s problems and spotting opportunities to create software that meets customers where they are.

When Red Cedar embarks on a project to craft authentic software solutions, the team often employs an ethnographic approach to discovering how users will interact with design ideas. Before the first line of code is even conceived, a Red Cedar Discovery & Design team utilizes techniques like job shadowing, persona development, use cases, wireframe mockups, object models and workflow assessments to ensure that users’ needs will be met. The Discovery & Design team includes experienced business analysts, user interface and workflow designers, developers who gather requirements by designing potential solutions and check design and process assumptions through prototyping and, significantly, the client.

Clients come to Red Cedar to co-create innovative, user-focused software applications. Through discovery and design activities, our experts come to understand deeply the challenge our clients wish to meet. In the hands of a Design Implementation & Development team that includes the client, design solutions are translated into elegant combinations of architecture, workflow, data, visualization and analytics that move the work from concept to concrete, technical specifications. This nexus of design and software engineering is Red Cedar’s sweet spot.

At Red Cedar, developers generate, explore, and refine design concepts. As a client, you will see brainstorming, prototyping, system architecture (black box) design and rough analysis/initial calculations. Throughout the process, developers lend credibility to design concepts by assessing their feasibility. This may be just a quick “gut check” or a more formal study, including background research, proof-of-concept prototyping and testing or full-blown analysis.

Whether the development of an application calls for a nuanced user workflow, original data representations or innovative data mining, there is no point at which a design is “thrown over the fence” to a technical team. Members of the Design Implementation & Development team are the stewards of design concepts, ensuring that the creative vision becomes a product in people’s hands.

From the founding of Red Cedar, application engineering has long been at our core. Our Software Engineers are part of a team of project managers and designers engaging with clients throughout the lifecycle of an application. They apply their skills to craft solutions from scratch or leverage existing data, frameworks or libraries to bring to life the design concept.

Red Cedar is “agile native.” This approach is a natural extension of Red Cedar’s software design and engineering methodology: it promotes teamwork, collaboration and process adaptability while emphasizing working software as the primary measure of progress throughout the lifecycle of the project. Red Cedar’s agile practice enables rapid and flexible responses to changing needs and encourages adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery and a “time boxed” iterative approach.

It is Red Cedar’s goal that the process of discovering, designing and crafting a solution is an experience that leaves our clients “ready for more.” It is often the case that deploying a software application is just the first phase in a long-term relationship. In a manner analogous to what occurs during the initial discovery, design and development of software, Red Cedar is often asked to monitor usage, support internal and external users, maintain the code base and continue to iterate software as new needs are discovered.
In recent years, there has been an explosion of data. It has become a necessary part of every area to understand data to ensure they are getting the best results. Our team specializes in sifting through this data to find meaningful metrics that can be used to improve practices. Our data visualization techniques allow clients to quickly get a clear picture of their performance and understand where they need to improve.
Here at RCSG, we think in workflows. By understanding any project as a process where work move in a mostly linear path through different stages, we can create a visualization to track who needs to do work and when. Workflows give people the ability to analyze, discover, and implement optimal processes to support specific outcomes. Our team has experience discovering clients’ processes and creating an ideal workflow that will lead to clarity of goals and better results.

Areas of Expertise

Our team has experience in understanding data surrounding special education as well as creating software that is accessible for all. We have an in depth understanding of ADA and IDEA guidelines and how to apply them to create an environment that can best help students with special needs.

At RCSG, we know that shaping good students starts early. We have experience managing the data to track student progress even before they get to Kindergarten. From identifying students with special needs and integrating them into special education to understanding how programs like Great Start affect their development, we know how to build systems to ensure student success.

Many of our team members have worked in education in the past and bring that first hand experience to our solutions. Our solutions are designed to allow educators and administrators to make data driven decisions on how best to improve their school.

Our team understands the complexity of working with Title I schools. We have developed case management software for Title I and high-priority schools and have experience analyzing data to provide gap analysis analytics, data visualization and creating reports for school improvement teams. Our team has also provided professional development for educators for Title I Accountability Grand Data Driven Needs Assessment.