New Beginnings in the New Year

Snowy road surrounded by trees

The holiday decorations have been neatly packed away (ideally), all traces of New Year’s parties are gone (hopefully), and this is definitely the year the gym membership will be worth it.

Well, maybe in a perfect world.  

Clichés aside, the new year does signify new beginnings. And a lot has changed at Red Cedar Solutions Group in just the last year.

We have a very new, very exciting product called Stepwell. This is software that delivers something that’s unlike any other comparable product out there, and we are excited to announce more details about this project in a later post.

2016 has been a year of planning, strategizing, and branding as we take on the marketing and development of Stepwell. But as we looked to move forward, we also understood the necessity of looking back. We had to ask ourselves: what is it we do now, and how will that change in the future? Our discussions and moments of self-reflection yielded helpful conclusions; to guide us on these new horizons, we need to maintain the core values that have grounded Red Cedar Solutions Group and set us apart from the numerous other software development companies.

These values mean always thinking of the user first. It means developing with the best tools and strong, precise code that is crafted to last. And it means delivering a product that is meaningful and improves the lives of the people that use it.

Although we maintain the developmental aesthetic that was born alongside Red Cedar’s creation—that we craft solutions—this small company is now jumping into the new year with an expanded vision of what we can accomplish. As our ambition grows, so does our team. In the past few months we have brought on several people to our design and development teams. We are working with outside organizations, including Moonsail North, to help us develop and market our new product.
Now that the holidays are over and it’s freezing enough outside to be very okay with staying shut indoors, the RCSG team is ready to take on 2017.