So what have you discovered lately?

When customers talk to Red Cedar about working on a new project together, they often have a strong idea about software they would like us to develop for them. This initial engagement is one of the most exciting times in building a relationship with a customer, because crafting elegant, innovative solutions means we get to take a big step back, investigate the customer’s problems and spot opportunities to create new solutions.

The Discovery and Design team works with the customer to uncover the deep drivers of the problems, and then we go to work using techniques like job shadowing, scenario-based design, development use cases, wireframe mock-ups, object models and workflow assessments. Applying a thoughtful and disciplined approach to the discovery phase ensures a great fit between the problems identified and the initial solution we co-design.

So when was the last time you discovered something new? In most cases, the solution you discover along with Red Cedar is different in new and insightful ways than the original idea, and we are on well on the way to making software that is a pleasure to use and essential for work and play.