We specialize in smart solutions. By discovering client needs, expectations and desires we are able to craft personalized results that cater to each and every one of our clients’ intentions. Our focus on creating beautiful UI designs built on a strong technological framework allow us to fluidly adapt to different client needs as they change over the course of our partnership.

Our expertise in designing elegant solutions has also allowed us to craft products of our own imagination. With our team’s experience in building data systems for education and government, we believe our innovative ideas can drive change and increase transparency.

Custom Creations



This mobile app/web application was created to support the implementation of effective transition practices to ensure all students, but particularly students with disabilities, are prepared for post-secondary education, employment and independent living. The mobile app allows educators to regularly and easily observe and note students’ preparedness for transition. The BackStory web application allows users to: review State assessment and demographic data related to students with disabilities; understand secondary transition and post-secondary outcomes data reported in compliance with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; and look at local economic trends to assess the match between student preparedness and high-demand jobs.


Complete Class

By teaming with empowered schools and communities, passionate partners, and dedicated corporate sponsors, Complete Class is a new model for motivating students to maximize their potential and realize their dreams! This online application allows teachers and students to work together to improve nutrition and promote healthy living. Students complete challenges such as answering questions, watching videos, and completing fitness activities as they earn badges and increase their self-esteem and self-image. 

Eli Review Logo


Students use Eli to do three important tasks: writing, reviewing, and revising. Writing tasks can be completed by composing in Eli or uploading a file. Reviews are done in Eli, guided by criteria provided by teachers. Students use the feedback they receive to make revision plans, and then revise & resubmit their drafts. The result? Better writing and, more importantly, better writers!


MI School Data

See how Michigan’s public and nonpublic K-12 schools and students are faring by exploring student test results, school operational information, graduation and dropout rates, and much more. Designed for parents, educators and policy-makers, this site addresses questions like: Are state graduation rates on the rise? My child took the ACT, but how do I know if he is ready for college? What is the pupil to teacher ratio in my child’s school? How does my district compare with others in my county? Queries provide point-in-time and, change-over-time data information at the state, ISD, district, and school levels with the opportunity to customize comparisons and filtering.

Michigan’s Statewide System of Support – Recipient Coordination Tool

Michigan’s High Priority schools have been afforded an extraordinary number of resources from the Michigan Department of Education, intermediate schools districts and others. With these resources comes the need to request, coordinate and report the activities of Regional Support Coaches, Data Coaches, Field Service Representatives, Instructional Coaches and Process Mentors. This online application allows High Priority schools to manage these various service providers as they utilize Data Driven Decision-making strategies to investigate, select and implement evidence based interventions in their school.

Orange Grove Logo


Orange Grove is a web-based, collaborative space that supports school performance management: it helps schools identify learning needs, implement interventions, monitor progress and determine the effectiveness of interventions. Because Orange Grove scaffolds a process, course corrections are intuitive and visible to the entire team. Orange Grove is about more than just monitoring and reporting – it’s about doing!


Epicenter is like having your own expert analyst providing apples-to-apples comparisons of academic impact – across schools, grades, subjects, tests, or even a portfolio of schools. This web-based system generates reports on college readiness and growth using the results of Global Scholars Performance Series®, NWEA Measures of Academic Progress®, and ACT Inc.’s® Explore®, Plan®, and ACT® series.


Our Products



With a collaborative platform and on-demand data, Stepwell provides visibility into results driven accountability and special education monitoring. Stepwell’s core is the work of LEA’s in response to specific findings around IDEA Parts B and C indicators and general supervision monitoring activities. Stepwell ensures that the work itself is well defined: the right data is available at the right time to inform root cause analysis and provide a firm foundation for improvement planning; best practice is “automatic,” embedded in every step a district takes in response to a finding; a communications engine optimizes requests and notifications to ensure they are directed to the right person and when necessary. Stepwell users collaborate for results, not stopping at merely communicating and coordinating for compliance.

Clearing away obstacles to collaboration between a monitor and an LEA team involve providing a monitor visibility into timely and relevant data, history, individuals engaged in the work, process, and status related to timelines in the event of a finding.